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  1. Through The Dark

From the recording Through The Dark


Night falls on the water rolling by the beach
I can feel you breathing with the sea
What you looking for
And I know that you’re never gonna go away
I know there’s something here to stay
What you looking for

Tonight I can feel there’s a change in the air
You’ve been with me through this deal I’ve just been blind as to where
You didn’t take me by the hand you threw me hard to the ground
Within an inch of my life it took that much to break down
And see that it all starts now one hundred percent
There’s no holding back there’s no sweating the rent
This is my solid stance this is my second chance
And with you by my side we will fly we will dance singing

I’m bleeding but I’m not giving up on you
Through the dark through the rain
No matter what they do
‘Cause you’re the reason
I stand my ground the way that I do
Through it all I’m not giving up on you

Do you recall before it wall when we used to hang out
Playing guitar on the fall on the roof of my house
We used to take what we found those nights before the stars
Wrap it all in a sound and pour it out from the heart
Flying diamonds of fire so bright and so fast
They say nothing last forever right nothing lasts
But when we’re through with this fight one thing still holds fast
One thing lasts one thing lasts

There’s still such a long way to go
But I will carry this love on through the snow
When any hand pulls down on my coat
That’s when I hear your voice alone singing

Night falls on the water rolling by the sea
I can feel you breath along with me
What you looking for
What you looking for