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  1. "The Pirate Song"

From the recording "The Pirate Song"

This song became a real bar room favorite in my early days of performing. My friend, Chris Niebuhr, and I were eating at Sebisa Dining Hall at Texas  A&M one day when we were at college there. We were talking about how cool it was for Cross Canadian Ragweed to make a song out of a cultural stereotype like a carney worker in their song "Carney Man." So we had the idea to pick some charcater to write a song about and we decided on a pirate. We shook hands and agreed to try to out do one another on who would write a better pirate song. A week later I had this song, and Chris to this day has no pirate song... but he now lives in Saint Croix,  US Virgin Islands, does sea turtle research and harpoons lobsters for dinner every night... so he pretty much is a real life pirate now so... in reality I think he has me beat.
Anyway, people always ask me which CD has "The Pirate Song" on it at shows. I sold them all and never pressed anymore... on to bigger things. It was a CD called "Gasoline." There may be a few copies left at www.lonestarmusic.com but I wanted to have a place where people could get this song... so hear it is, downloadable for free on my website.



Well they call me Aussie Blake ‘cause I was born down in Australia Where I learned the ropes a sailin’ on a ship we called “The Queen” My hands grew tough as iron and my hide as red as fire And I bore the waves and sunny days and life upon the sea Around the age of twenty-one I found myself in Ireland When the noption finally came to make my livin’ on the sea I’d make my fortune sailin’ as a pirate on the ocean Yeah the pirate life it looks like fun, that’s the life for me (Chorus:) Yo Ho Ho! I’m a pirate on the ocean Arr Arr Arr! I sail from sea to sea Oy Oy Oy! I drink to the land down under Gonna find some gold and take it home with me I sailed the great Atlantic and I sailed to Carolina With a thousand pounds of leaves and loot we stole along the way What wasn’t spent on food and gear we spent on whores and whiskey And we reveled ‘till we had our fill and before we sailed way We sailed on to Jamaica boy the rum they got will take ya So we smuggled thirty barrels from the harbor to our ship They worked us with their cannons but my vessel did withstand And it was damn happy sailin’ the remainder of our trip (Chrous) Well a boat-load of conquistadores had caught us in their water So we dropped our jolly roger and we dropped our canvas too They sided to inspect us and they ordered us on deck but What those Spaniards didn’t know was that was only half my crew For I slipped out a cannon hole with thirty other blokes Those scurvy Spanish bastards must have thought it quite a joke For we climbed up behind their ship and loosened up their hold And we beat’em everyone and freed their slaves and took their gold (Chorus) I fly that ol’ scull and bones high up on the mast I sail around the ocean stealing gold and WHOOPIN’ ASS I have a pet McCaw and a patch upon my eye And I’ll live outside the law until I’m rich or ‘till I die (Chorus)