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  1. The Other Side

From the recording The Other Side


Sally was a church girl oh you know they raised her right
Now all she wants is a bad boy that’ll take her for a ride
Reagan never understood why her folks had to drink and fight
Now all she wants is a good guy that will finally treat her right

When you’re trying to find that one thing baby
Don’t you drive yourself to insanity
When you look around and life aint pretty
And you want to make it right
Sometime you’ve got to just relax
And sometimes you’ve got to change things fast
When you’re trying to find that one thing
On the other side

I guess it’s just the way it goes love from the day that love was born
When you’re taking in the roses you get the flowers and the thorns
Just like Sally girl and Reagan learning all the faces of the heart
Feelin’ down and looking up into the heavens funny that’s a real good place to start

I don’t know it all but I believe
We don’t always fall where we’re supposed to be
But if you give us space and set us free
We’ll try and try till we find the light