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  1. River Road

From the recording River Road

Summer '08 I lived down close to San Marcos, Texas and spent plenty of time on the Guadalupe, San Marcos, and Comal Rivers. What an awesome part of the country. A lot of people only get to see it on the weekend when the Guad is packed bank to bank with  tubers blasting club music into the sky and generally acting like a bunch of drunken idiots. But tubing it with a few friends on a week day afternoon is a whole different story. The sounds of frogs and crickets fill the air and echo off the canyon walls, and fire flies glow above grass beneath the cypress trees. It is Texas at its absolute finest, and it is what inspired this song.


This crazy world don’t stop spinning round and round And I know it just wears you down You try to hide it but I can see it in your face I’m gonna break your busy plans right here and now Don’t you fuss don’t you make a sound Because tonight there’s gonna be a little change in pace We’re gonna take our time and just leave this world behind So put your hand in mine We’ll find us an old dirt road Skip a few river stones Swing off of that cypress rope It’d be a good excuse to lose some clothes Oh I could just lay you down With the fire flies all around Crickets singin’ those summer sounds Just let it go and we’ll find that river road When that north wind whispers for the leaves to fall The air will get crisp and the crows will call And our clothes will stop sticking to our skin We won’t miss this heat ‘till some November day When it’s cold and bleak and the skies are gray Looking back to now we’ll be glad that we dove in When we can rediscover each other Underneath the covers We can draw the blinds and go back in time to early summer (Chorus) Oh this world can drive you crazy while we’re trying to win this race Know I’ll be here for you baby ‘cause I love to put that smile on your face Yeah come on (Chorus)