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  1. Rearview

From the recording Rearview


Well I don’t give a damn about nothing I’m puttin’ on my walking shoes
You been treatin’ me like I’m low down baby think I’ve had enough of you
You want to brush me up pin me down and put me in your little box
Yeah well so long baby I’m leavin’ town I’m gonna drop this bag of rocks
Yeah I wanna drink I want a tall drink and a cigarette on my lip
Well you damn right I sling my pride like a pistol on my hip… pow

“Cause tonight I’m gonna have a little woo hoo!
Babe you don’t treat me right
So here I go scattin’ on down the road singin’ screw you!
I see you cryin’ in my rearview but I’m all about that woo hoo!

Some people say I don’t fit in good I’d say I must agree with them
I wasn’t born to be just another fool sittin’ in a traffic jam
Workin’ overtime beneath a dirty sky to make another man richer than me
And getting pulled around by a bunch of clowns sellin’ crap that I don’t need
I just need a break I need a long break from this city beneath my feet
And a ride with that blue-eyed brunette who keeps makin’ eyes at me… hey

I know they say that the good die young
Flying too close to the sun
But until my time is done