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  1. Move

From the recording Move


It’s so backwards from how it really ought to be The more I push away the more you fall in love with me And when I want you, you lose a little steam You know it’s so hard to find good love But there’s a fire burning hotter than I’ve ever seen Rising higher than the water between you and me I’m not fooling with your heart or playing little games I’ll pull you to me you can go or you can stay but I want to dance with you And I love to feel you move the way you do I love to feel you move the way you do I want to dance with you It looks like I’ve got you where I want you now Your eyes are going back and thinking ‘bout How our minds and hearts get so turned around You know it’s easy to lose good love ‘Cause most people don’t appreciate the simple things Until they’re gone or just a little too out of reach Don’t want to be the kind to live like that I want to say we got the best of every moment that we had (Chorus) Maybe we’ll just end this dance and walk away Or baby we could take a chance and stay (Chorus)