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  1. Lullaby

From the recording Lullaby

I think this song is probably my favorite song I have written so far. It was amazing how this melody just came into my head in complete entirety while I was driving one day. I had been listening to a lot of Mat Kearney, John Mayer, and Jack Johnson around the time and had that type of feel inside. That afternoon I sat down with my guitar and figured out how to play what I was hearing in my head.
This song to me is just about what today's modern American woman has to face in the world, and the sometimes lonesome place she finds herself in pursuit of her own independence. This song was inspired by a girl I knew... along with me just thinking about stuff.


She does all she can, such a lady it seems She knows she can stand on her own two feet There’s nothing she needs, oh the only part What to do with his thing called her lonely heart Sure she’s a beautiful girl but she’s still frustrated It’s a little lonely at the top Sometimes the rules of this world leave her isolated And late at night she fights to stop Her tears oh but listen here my dear I know that love turns it all around Baby it will be alright Love won’t give out Even a lady needs a lullaby I guess over time something filled her mind With big girls don’t cry Now she don’t trust no one else. She wants to like hell But she just strolls between shelves thinking to herself In another store, “there’s got to be something more.” For sure 'Cause I know a love that turns it all around Baby it might be alright Love that won't give out Oh won't you listen to my lullaby As the miles roll beneath me please try not to miss me I hope your days are busy till you fall asleep Knowing that Love turns it all around Baby it'll be alright Love won't give out Even a lady needs a lullaby