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  1. Get Ya Back

From the recording Get Ya Back


The months have turned since the night I felt your last kiss
The time I’ve burned praying things get better than this
Lord knows I’ve learned when someone gives a love like you did
Don’t ruin good love I’ve ruined good love
But I keep busy and I’ve got good friends
And moments hit me when I think this heartache’s reached an end

But I wonder why must my mind
Go back to the time that you were mine
Everytime that I see some pretty face on TV
I think of what used to be and I want to cry
Or when they play a certain song on the radio
I’m gone in a daydream
And I know that I’m just dying to
Get you back or get over you

It hurts bad when someone I care so much about
Is just indifferent or views me like a speck of dust now
And not worth what it would take to figure this much out
I’d give you good love so much good love
Yeah I’m just living with a broken heart
And I’ll feel different when I get my long-awaited new start

I don’t want to feel this way I wish that I could make you see
Baby won’t you speak to me or Jesus won’t you set me free