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  1. Doin' Alright

From the recording Doin' Alright

I wrote this song when I was in college at Texas A&M in 2003. It was spring time and I was swamped with school, and up late cramming for an exam I had the next morning. When I finally went to bed, I woke up at about 3 am with this song in my head, and I knew I would forget it all if I did not get up and write it, so that's exactly what I did. I always write the best and am most creative when I have a ton of deadlines and stuff to do.


I work hard ‘till the end of the day long hours and not much pay I don’t like it all that much but hell it pays the bills and such And I find now days I thoroughly appreciate Little things I never thought about before Like hanging out on a Sunday a cold beer on a lunch break Or just laughing with my buddies in the middle of the night Or eatin’ supper when it’s cold out… there’s always something good to talk about Or going fishing on the weekend even if the fish don’t bite So I say hey… Who’s keeping count anyway? I ain’t always high as a kite but I think most of the time I’m Doin’ Alright Now I’m just as wise as the next guy but sometimes it seems like the best times The times we most enjoy ourselves come once we’ve been through a little hell ‘Cause I’ve got this girl back home and I miss her when I’m gone But it makes it that much better those little times I’m with her (Chorus) They can’t say you didn’t get to far if you have yourself a good time I got a sweet lovin’ woman and a cool guitar and good friends by my side I don’t drive no fancy car and I aint got lots of cash But anything I’ll ever need I’ll already have (Chorus)