From the recording Country Summer Days

I started wring this song immediately after the first time I saw Cory Smith play at a music festival in Birmingham, Alabama... City Stages. Just a recollection of the high school lives of a few friends and myself. A few months later I was still stumped on the chorus and showed the song to my friend David DiMuzio while visiting Nashville. A fine songwriter himself, he offered to help write it and we went to work over the next few days in Music City. It was my very first co-write and a heck of a lot of fun. Apparently that fun was at David's expense because he later said that he wanted to drop-kick me because I was the hardest-headed and most honrey person he'd ever written with. I tend to pull the "Eff you I'm from Texas beyotch!" card a lot, and I think that hacks non-Texans off. But luckily I weigh about twice as much as him so there was no drop-kicking, we ironed out out difference civally, and are good friends today :)


I use to keep my whiskey in a Listerine bottle
Back when I was sixteen so I wouldn’t get caught
We’d ride the drag all night long rasin’ hell and singin’ songs
About drinking about small towns and “Back in Black”
We always found the party I remember the way
That smell of beer and barbecue mixed with sweet summer hay
Oh man, oh son, that’s who I am and that’s where I’m from

Grab a six we’ll get together call each other on the phone
Do cannon balls in the swimmin’ hole off of cotton gin road
Makin’ bets on dreams we had that weren’t too far away
But I never worked as hard as I played
On those country summer days

We were sittin’ on the tail gate singin’ the boys are back in town
From the rednecks to the punks to preps we were all there gettin’ down
At a pasture party at my cousin’s house that the cop’s didn’t know about
But a shindig that big word gets around and they found us out
They busted out with spotlights and we busted into runnin’
Kids scattering around like field mice we never saw’em commin’
I grabbed Cory Anne and we ran and ran and hid out in the grass
I stole a kiss and that was it… everyday after that

I didn’t go on no expensive trips
Just a free spirit that’s all I had
‘Till I’d find a little cash
And have a half a tank of gas