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Ben Smith: Photos

Rocky Mountain Trip and show in Lake City,CO.June 2010

My Buddy, Pat, and I had a few days off, so we decided to escape the TX heat and go hiking in CO. The only plan was that there was no plan aside from just getting up there, fishing, hiking, camping, and doing whatever looked like fun. This is Pat.
Note the stick in my right hand. We had made fishing poles out of aspen branches. They worked pretty well.
Then we met this guy on the right, David Evans.
David sent us to this place, The Sportsman's Backyard. It was monday morning, and they had an awesome little stage back there. And as it turned out, they randomly booked us to play a show that night!
So we went around promoting the show to people all over the town of Lake City, CO, and the people were so friendly, one of them gave us a place to stay!
By showtime, a pretty nice little crowd had shown up!
This guy, David Piland, was letting me use his guitars, and played a mean fiddle to a lot of my songs! Check him out!
Just livin' in the moment.
Tellin' some story... probably a big windy.
Then they lit a fire and all hell broke loose!
Dogs and shirtless hippies started to getting down to acoustic AC/DC tunes! And all in all it was a random ass, super fun, impromptu show.
David Piland, Pat, Me, Roxa, and Hutch
The next morning I went running and snapped this shot by the river that runs through town. And life is good.
The End.

Promo Photos

CD Release Party @ Hat Tricks, Lewisville, TX May 2nd, 2009

Full Band Shot
Justin and Ben...ready to go
New fans
Nice Shot Jerry! Thanks!
Jenn, Erin, and Tracey
I havent seen this guy since highshcool! Thats awesome!
Ben and the lovely Tracey
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